My First Hackathon

Philly Codefest ‘18 Hackathons are almost a rite of passage for computer science students so it was about time that I went to one. I recently participated in Philly Codefest at Drexel University where the theme was to create something for social good. The overall experience was quite memorable and lots of fun. I had always wanted to go to a hackathon since freshmen year but never felt prepared or good enough.

Legal Analysis of Cryptocurrency

Table of Contents Abstract & Keywords, Page 1 Introduction, Page 1 Advancements in Computer Science, Page 1 Defining Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and the Origin of Cryptocurrencies, Page 2 Adoption from Organizations and People, Page 4 Laws and Regulations at State and Federal Level, Page 5 Laws and Regulations at an International Level, Page 9 Conclusion, Page 10 Sources, Page 11 Abstract                   This paper will first describe the progression of technology on both aspects of hardware and software, the advent of cryptocurrencies, and how they work with blockchain technology.

I Will Never Miss an 8am Again

Solving a Common College Student Problem: Like most people, I enjoy sleep. A lot. Maybe too much. Waking up early in the morning is a herculean task for me because I’m a heavy sleeper. But I’m also taking an 8 am class this semester and don’t want to sleep in. I decided that between my knowledge on programming and electronics, I could somehow solve my problem. I had my ‘eureka’ moment about two weeks ago while watching a YouTube video on creating flexible LED panels.


Simple Particle Simulation in C++: The title says it all! In this project I wanted to use a simple library that would allow me to create a GUI of a particle simulation. After searching around, I decided to use Simple DirectMedia Layer, better known as SDL for its simplicity and plethora of online resources in case I get stuck. In order to learn the library I used SDL’s documentation and followed a YouTube channel to help structure my project.

RC Car

Building an Arduino-powered Car for CSC 315: This semester I took a class that I have wanted to take since my first semester at college: CSC 315, Software Engineering. CSC 315 focuses more on the practical side of computer science as opposed to the theoretical stuff like data structures and algorithms. The first half of the semester was learning about software engineering approaches, how to work with teams when developing software, and computer ethics.

Hello World

Hello world! This my first article on my Hugo-powered blog! The purpose of this blog to is periodically update recruiters on CS related projects. I decided I wanted a simple, lightweight blogging site. I chose to use Hugo for its ease of use and speed. By opting for Hugo my website does not use a database making faster and more secure. As for the Hugo theme I chose Tales. For hosting, I chose to use Github Pages.


Hi, I’m currently computer science student at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and will be graduating in May ‘19. At the moment I intern at BrickSimple and am a third year resident assistant. This year I was hand-picked to serve as the freshman male emerging leaders RA where I facilitate them through the transition from high school to college and assist them in searching for leadership roles on campus. In my spare time I enjoy 3D printing, programming, playing with electronics, and reading.